Asbestos Option

Asbestos is now known to increase the risk of cancers of the larynx, ovaries, and lung. It is also known to cause mesothelioma, which is cancer of the lining of the lung. If you suspect the presence of Asbestos it is very important that you do not move or disturb the material as doing so could result in you or others breathing in the microscopic fibers.

The name ‘asbestos’ refers to a group of materials that were used in building construction in Australia from approximately 1940 – 1990. Australia was one of the highest users of Asbestos materials per capita in the world. A national ban on asbestos, and asbestos products came into affect in 2003.

If you are concerned that a property may be contaminated by Asbestos materials, then you would be wise to have it checked out by a professional. Martin was previously an Asbestos Auditor and is happy to discuss the possibility of Asbestos with you after a Building and Pest Inspection with no extra charge.

The Asbestos Inspection option is provided for those who want the certainty of testing analysis done by an Environmental Laboratory. Due to the danger of handling Asbestos, Martin will only take samples from high risk areas that require further investigation for peace of mind when this option is chosen. If you’re not sure if you need this option, then you’re welcome to contact us.

Permission is required from the current owner of the house. If you are not the owner, then you will need to obtain written approval from the owner allowing us to inspect for Asbestos and take samples.  Samples will be taken from non-obvious areas such as behind light switches.

With Prior Experience Working As an Asbestos Auditor, Martin Has Extensive Knowledge Of Asbestos Materials Used In Construction

What Does An Inspection Involve?

Based on the type of house, the builder, the year of construction and location, Martin will investigate, identify, and collect samples of material that possesses a high risk of containing Asbestos, with particular attention to:

  • The roof
  • Floor coverings

  • Walls and ceilings
  • External cladding
  • Light switches
  • Insulation materials

Using appropriate safety precautions, Martin carefully collects samples of suspect material, then individually seals and labels each sample.

The samples are then sent to an Environmental Laboratory for testing and the results are received within 24 hours.

Asbestos Report

You will receive a thorough report detailing the sample location/s, sample descriptions, dimensions, and the analysis result. If a full Residential Asbestos Audit is required then we can arrange this for you with a qualified Environmental Specialist.

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