Pool Safety Option

Pool Safety regulations are intended to save the lives of children who could potentially access your pool. Not only your own children, but also the children of neighbours (who may climb over the fence), and also children of your friends and family visiting you who may wander out of sight.

Apart from avoiding tragedy, checking that your pool, or future pool, meets the Pool Safety Standard is also a wise move from a purely financial and aesthetic angle as well. Pool fencing can be a significant expense even without complications. With complications, you could potentially find yourself having to decide between removing the pool, repositioning the fence, or complying in a way that is impractical and/or unsightly. You could purchase a property thinking that you have an entertaining area only to find later that you must install a pool fence such that it intrudes into the space.

The Queensland pool safety laws (implemented in Dec 2010) require that all pools comply with the Queensland Development Code – part MP3.4 “Pool Safety Barriers.” Asset BPI inspections adhere  to the Pool Safety Standard (Queensland Development Code – part MP3.4, Australian Standards 1926 – 2007 parts 1 & 2). We also abide by all other standards under the Building Act 1975 for ‘ensuring the safety of persons using a regulated pool’.


Once a comprehensive pool safety inspection has been performed, the pool will be found to be Compliant or Non-Compliant.


If the pool is found to be compliant then a Pool Safety Certificate (Form 23) will be issued to the owner within 2 business days and the pool will be entered into the Pool Safety Register.


If the pool is found to be in breach of the law, then the owner will be issued with a Non-conformity Notice (Form 26). You will receive a report detailing all the items needing correction and the owner will have 90 days to address all the items.

Martin can advise on how best to resolve each and every issue, and may be able to complete minor repairs as well, if needed.

By law, the pool must be entered in the pool register as Non-compliant, and re-inspection will need to be completed by the same inspector (Martin) so that a Pool Safety Certificate can be issued, and the pool registered as compliant.

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