Meth Screen Option

The odds of buying a property with Meth Residue are relatively low, but it’s also important to factor in the health and financial costs you might face if you’re that unlucky person who does.

In recent years, we have noticed a gradual increase in the questions we get about Meth Residue screening, and have started to provide it as an optional add on for our clients. In order to make an informed decision, we would suggest that you need to know how often Meth Residue might be present, what the health effects could be if it is, what the cost might be to remove Meth Residue, and how our service will help you.

Meth Residue in Australian Property

You can get the details here, but if you just want a quick overview from a property angle:

  • Meth residue can be left by meth users as well as meth labs, but the residue from labs will usually pose much more risk
  • The residue can cause illness, especially in small children and pets who are more likely to be touching contaminated surfaces
  • The residue collects in porous and rough surfaces such as timber flooring, timber fittings, carpet, some tiles, some wall coverings, furniture surfaces, etc
  • Australians have some of the highest meth usage statistics per capita in the world with 6% of those surveyed reporting that they have tried Meth at least once

Health Effects

A house with high levels of meth residue present could cause a variety of symptoms such as stinging eyes, respiratory problems, nose and throat irritation, rashes, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, confusion, fatigue, blurry vision and headache are common reactions. Children, pets and adults living in contaminated dwellings have been reported to have developed such symptoms.


Since Meth residue collects in porous surfaces, it can be quite difficult to remove. Usually an industrial/commercial cleaning contractor would need to be engaged. It is important to make sure they are experienced and accredited to effectively remove Meth residue. Each case needs to be assessed on its merit, but in severe cases decontamination can require extreme measures such as treatment of electrical wiring and air conditioners or ripping out carpets, wall linings, and other expensive property components.

Our Test Process

Martin will apply his knowledge, experience and training in order to:

  • Identify the surfaces in each room that could be contaminated
  • Divide the house into two zones (A & B)
  • Collect multiple samples from each zone according to protocols demanded by the test laboratory
  • Avoid damaging any surface during collection
  • Securely store the swabs for each zone in two separate test tubes
  • Send the test samples to the lab within 24 hours of collection
  • Forward the test results to you once they are received back from the Lab (Please allow up to 7 days to receive your results!)

Certificate of Analysis and Next Steps

You will receive a certificate of Analysis from ACS Laboratories Australia specifying, for each zone:

  • Not Detected: No action required
  • Detected – Low Range: Further testing is optional and depends on the level of residue detected
  • Detected – High Range: Further testing will be required to understand the full extent of the contamination

If a positive result is received then Martin will be available to discuss how to interpret the results and what actions to take next.

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